Peercoin Website

I just started a [REMOVED] and will add more content, information, and resources over time. It may be of use to investors.

Brutal honesty time… have you seen and It seems like all the information you’re posting is already available (minus the ads and referral links).

If you would like to contribute to content for I would invite you to submit pull requests or issues on, bring up suggestions here on the forum or on

I know there’s a new Wiki in the horizon which would also make it easier for everyone to contribute.

We would certainly love to get your feedback and more specifically if there’s anything critical you feel is missing from the existing website/wiki.


Thanks for the feedback. I plan to add more content to the site over time. I just literally created it. Anyway, I’ll check your suggestions.

Why create this website in the first place is my question when the information is already available? You’re just duplicating efforts and paying for a server we don’t really need as a community?

What kind of content were you looking to add that we don’t have on or What do you feel is missing from those sites? Wouldn’t it be better to contribute to those sites instead?

If you just want to advertise your multicoin wallet referral link it would be more effective just to post a thread on the forums :slight_smile:?

Sure, I’ll be happy to answer your question. Because for mainstream adoption, peercoin will need all kinds of websites for all kinds of keyword searches. I plan on doing some SEO work. A community is excellent as a foundation, but the coin cannot be, in my view, too walled off from the public. To give an example, I was thinking about starting a Spanish domain with a foreign extension, because it’s possible that the main website is not targeting that population well enough given Google’s global algorithms. So, while a lot of information may be duplicated, it’s not necessarily reaching as many people as possible due to the search algorithms.

Are you aware that does indeed already have a spanish section?

Also, you also aware that some of the info about Peercoin on your website is not accurate? This is why we prefer to keep the focus on the main site, where people who fully understand the network know what information to include.

We don’t want to risk misinforming people. Plus there is the fact that needs to be updated with new info and marketing, something an external site may not keep up on.

The web wallet linked on your site is also something we do not control, thus we cannot verify whether it should be trusted. Someone within our community is doing an investigation on and should be getting back to us shortly with details on it.

This website was reported to us as containing links that are suspicious and possibly malicious and we cannot advertise it here, so this thread will be locked. If you are willing to remove all advertising, referral links and fix factual errors, then maybe we will reconsider. We appreciate your interest in Peercoin.