Peercoin videos, marketing, tutorials, theory and fundamentals

I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since late 2011, and I am generally dissatisfied with the quality of the many many YouTube videos that are being uploaded. So since I am already working on another project that requires me to buy all of the necessary equipment for making videos of good quailty (camera, projector, large whiteboard, lighting, microphone, video editing software) I have decided that I will make a series of videos about Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I am asking for what you guys would like me to cover in the videos? I am open to mixing together both Technical Analysis of cryptocurrencies, and thorough walkthroughs of how I do a fundamental analysis of an altcoin and value what the price I think it should be is. And I can also make videos explaining how Proof-of-Stake is working in theory, and walk through how it’s implemented in real life in Peercoin. All with nice illustrations, combining presenting using my projector onto the whiteboard, drawing directly on the whiteboard as a complementary tool, and doing presentations on the computer with screen capturing.

So what are your requests for videos that you would like me to make? I am interested in your suggestions

  • How does Bitcoin work in a simple and easy to understand example
  • How does Proof-of-Work work, and how does Proof-of-Stake work
  • How does Peercoin combine PoS and PoW, and what benefits are there to this, and what are the long term consequences/ramifications of this PoS/PoW combinations
  • How does Peercoin and PeerAssets compare up against NXT, Wave, Ethereum and other competitors
  • How does one evaluate a cryptocurrency, detecting scams, figure out if they are not scams but just so poorly executed that they are likely to fail, that they have fundamental design flaws, bad management etc.
  • How do you combine you fundamental analysis of a cryptocurrency with your basic Technical Analysis to make an investment call. What are the indicators you’re looking out for and how do you proceed with your analysis
  • Please continue the list yourself



Are you familiar with @Chronos’s videos?

Most of them are still up to date, but they might give you an inspiration.

The old PPCoin page on FB

The funny thing is, the videos often say, “Right now, Peercoin is between $1 and $2…” and it’s still true! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input. Right now I am busy moving from Denmark to Czech republic, and this will take 2 weeks. By then I hope to have furnished the house, moved all of my equipment and gotten some internet there. Once this is done I will commence work on contributing to the Peercoin project. I should have at least two months where I can do this full time. But for now, the next 2 weeks I’ll more or less be completely offline and out of reach. Until then, see ya and let’s cross our fingers for PPC devs putting out a great new release :slight_smile: