Peercoin v0.6 development

As some of you might have noticed, @Sunny_King open sourced his work on v0.6 on github to continue the development publicly.

I’ve picked up some work and created some issues and pull requests.
I’ve tagged them all with the “v0.6” label.

If you’d like to join the effort, feel free to pick an unassigned issue or review the pull requests with the “v0.6” label:

Latest builds

The develop branch might be lagging behind on latest developments due to reviewing of the pull requests.
If you like to test my latest builds, please track the 0.6-hrobeers branch:

Happy testing & coding!


Great stuff :smile:

I’m glad to see new options becoming available to peercoin, though I am also thankful how simple SK has kept things. The blockchain being <1gb is very nice. The 0.01ppc/kb fee was a good idea. Sound money doesn’t need to be exciting, it needs to be reliable.

I’m excited for PeerAssets. I’m still digesting your block stabilization proposal hrobeers, but certainly a more predictable block rate is beneficial.

Thank you developers for your time & effort!

Your interest is wonderful, thank you. I just want to point out that there are no plans for solidifying the block schedule like this and I’m not sure how something like that would work. The regulating the block time proposal would make the timing more regular, but it does not affect the way pos and pow blocks are targetted at 10 min and 1 hr intervals.

@nagalim thanks for the clarification about the PoW/PoS block schedule, I didn’t realize that was only an idea tossed around. I’ll edit the post to avoid spreading confusion.