Peercoin v0.13 (Codename Anisoptera) Released

Peercoin v0.13 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Peercoin v0.13 (Codename Anisoptera).



  • Rebase to bitcoin-core v25.
  • Taproot is now standard.
  • Allow minting from taproot.
  • Don’t cache 0 outputs in the minting table.
  • Don’t show watch address transactions in minting view.
  • Switch to GUIX from gitian for automated builds.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.


This is an optional upgrade, meaning that it implements the same protocol as v0.12 and is compatible with the current network.

What Comes Next?

As per tradition, the peercoin development team follows the tick-tock release schedule. This is the “tick” release, which brings about a fresh codebase upon which the “tock” release will be based in the future. Plans for v0.14, which will be a hard fork, are being drafted. If you are curious to follow the discussion about the next release, check out the following RFCs:

Another discussion which did not make it into RFC yet is the set of tweaks to the minting logic proposed by MatthewLM:

In summary, from the perspective of the user, it would cut the block time target in half (5 minutes block time target), and reduce the stake maturation period from 30 days to 21 days. It would also greatly favor smaller UTXOs for minting, about 50 PPC in size. This would greatly help smaller minters to participate in the consensus.


v0.13 is an optional upgrade. If you want to upgrade, you only need to do so if you’re using the core reference wallet. This is the one listed at the top of the wallets page.

Before installation, make sure to backup your wallet from the main menu.

For users of the core reference wallet, v0.13 is a standard upgrade.

The v0.13 wallet can be downloaded from the wallets page. Instructions for upgrading are provided below the download links. More download options can be found on GitHub. If you need help with installation, leave a comment below.


Big thanks to volunteers who have made this release possible:


Remember that these developments are sponsored by the Peercoin Foundation, which in turn is sponsored by generous community donations. PPC, BTC, and Fiat donations can be made at


To stay informed, you can follow the latest Peercoin news on our forum, our Twitter, or Reddit. If you want to come chat or need help, come say hi to our team and community on Telegram/Discord.