Peercoin v0.10 (Codename Scarab) Released

I have installed Peercoin v0.10 for Windows (64bit), run it successfully, created two wallets. No problems there. Now that I have sent some coins to the wallet, the app still runs, but closes without a warning or error when I try to open the wallet with coins inside. I can still open the empty wallet. But every time I try to open the wallet with the coins, the app disappears and I have to run it again.

you should only be able to use one wallet at a time, make sure the wallet.dat you want to use is in the datadir you are using and it should work

Thanks for your reply.
That’s the thing, sometimes it works, but most of the time it crashes the program.

what does debug.log say?

This seems always to be the last line written before the program crashes:
2021-05-19T12:26:07Z inWallet=1 inModel=0 Index=0-0 showTransaction=0 derivedStatus=1

I can send you the whole log privately, but I wouldn’t post it publicly.

I recall that, originally, I had also had a problem finding the minting tab, as I did not know the client was resizable, in the same way a webpage is. Maybe a right-pointing arrow could appear, if minting or transactions has dropped off the edge.

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Peercoin v0.10.1 released

  • Bugfixes and polish.

Peercoin v0.10.2 has been released.

Download here:

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Great! Didn’t know about the network alert system. Do you why it has been removed ? It wasn’t used much ?

It hasn’t been used in a number of years, plus there is a question in the Coinbase application about it. The impression I got is that it is an unwanted point of centralization, so we discarded it to avoid any issues.


Peercoin v0.10.3 has been released.

  • More bugfixes and polish.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Based on bitcoin 0.20.2.
  • Likely to be the last point release in the 0.10 branch as work on v0.11 has already been started.

Download here:


@peerchemist any news for the PiZero version?

Been waiting for 0.10.4 which was released yesterday.