Peercoin transaction status 0/unconfirmed (for 2 days already)


I am pretty new to peercoin, and bought some coins a while ago to get started. 2 days ago, I decided to sell these coins for a profit. I used a site called . I deposited my coins to the adress provided by the website, though the coins still haven’t arrived after 2 days. When I look in my wallet, the transaction status is 0/unconfirmed.

These are the details of the transaction (in dutch):

Status: 0/onbevestigd
Datum: 11/12/2017 19:29
Aan: Bit-z PSZ1V1ywD5v8VH2zivVaeJjUr1FB69yYRR
Debet: -17.930871 PPC
Transactiekosten: -0.01 PPC
Netto bedrag: -17.940871 PPC
Transactie-ID:: 144136b13aadf1bcf2045a966a3c63ca9200d328baa7a871a4ff76dc6d7254fa

Is there any way this can be fixed? As i said my knowledge of cryptocurrencies is minimal.
I hope someone knows a solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance, Michiel Moerman

New wallet ? v6,2 ?

You have your money

Thanks for your answer!

The status has changed from 0/unconfirmed to 5/unconfirmed but still unconfirmed. Also the money hasn’t been deposited to my bit-z account yet. Is this better?

I am using v 0.6.1 at the moment, is it necessary to update?

Okay, now I see my deposit is being confirmed on bit-z. Thank you for the help!

Did you do anything to make this work suddenly? Or is it just a coincidence that it only confirmed now?

Coincidence. No one did anything special. Im guessing the exchange wasnt showing you the confirms when you really got the.

In fact, right after the OP posted I checked the same link that Vitalicus posted and there were still 0 confirmations. About 30 minutes after the OP posted, the confirmations started coming in.

It is a bit of a coincidence that the first confirmation came in 30 minutes after he posted, but why did it take 2 days for the first one?

Exactly what I was wondering! Maybe it had something to do with the soft-fork?

I would guess the exchange’s Peercoin client got stuck the other day when the accidental network message went out (nodes stopped). The exchange may have restarted the node and maybe retransmitted the transactions.

Actually, I used a slightly different link:
This has the details for the transaction, rather than the link Vitalicus posted, which had the details for the address.

In any event, I guess we need to know how the OP initiated the transfer to bit-z. I took his post to mean he used the peercoin client to send the coins to bit-z. In that case isn’t it irrelevant what the exchange was doing? Shouldn’t the transaction still have been confirmed on the network without taking 2 days? bit-z crediting him is another story.

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I did indeed send the peercoins using the peercoin cient.