Peercoin, proud not to be an ICO - launch of

People of the internet,

I’ve seen a lot of fancy ICO websites lately, with their countdown timers and one page designs.

Whitepapers are the new business plans.
Faces need to be on the site.
Keep the information vague.
Use tons of stock photos.

Seems to work for a lot of shady ICOs, so I figured… what they can do…


and share it with your friends.

Energy statistics Twitter bot:
Energy statistics Instagram bot:

Donations will be answered with a personalized love letter on request: PA3VZmupxdsX5TuS1PyXZPsbbhZGT2htPz


It’s great for this site

Build such a website, do you have any plans?

I think it’s hilarious, but informative. Great fan site for Peercoin! :slightly_smiling_face:


I included a tweet in the original post.

Pretty slick looking, and I’m loving the board of directors posted there :slight_smile:


It is difficult to estimate, Come on!

I don’t follow, sorry.

@willy your site is on the front page of r/cryptocurrency, currently #2

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We are getting some comments in that thread if anyone would like to help with responding.

A great idea of the reverse “countdown”

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69 upvotes and it was on the front page for most of the day. I would consider that a success! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve added a Peercoin vs Bitcoin energy consumption comparison table to
It’s dynamic and will update every 24 hours.

Hope you guys like it.


Tweeted your chart Willy…

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Added a twitter bot here:

This will tweet country comparison and turbine numbers every 24h. Enjoy and follow :slight_smile:

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There is a pyramid selling org. who uses Peercoin in China, it is not the matter who will uses peercoin, like the darknet uses bitcoin, the matter is very few people has interesting in peercoin.

The number of shitcoin ipos/icos appearing lately fills me with digust. Worse still it takes away capital and attention from legit coins that are serious about making a long term differance


There are a lot of initial coin offerings made for fun. And people invest their money in them. Check this ICO tracker . Satan coin, jesus coin for example. But there are decent ones. I think 90 % of shitty coins will dissapear by January

For all the instagram people out there:
There is now a instagram bot as well.

Enjoy and follow :slight_smile:

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If translation ready I’d translate it into french through github or transifex.