Peercoin Proof Of Stake (POS) Calculator

Hey all here is a Peercoin Proof Of Stake (POS) Calculator

Currently it is very early days… so only basic function but you can:

enter the amount of coins you sent in 1 transaction, and the number of days that have passed to get a readout

The first line shows you the POS reward for your custom days, 30 days (the min number of days to generate a POS block) and 90 days (the max amount of coin days you can earn on your transaction).

The second line then shows you the POS reward for having not moved the coins + the POS earn’t from before (so your compound interest) on you initial holding.

More features to come :slight_smile:


Very nice indeed. However I think there is a small interpretation problem on the section I made bold.
I think the 90d is the max amount of coin days you can put at stake. You can still earn more coindays after 90 days for your interest.
Coinage for stake is capped at 90d, coinage for interest not. Maybe it’s just semantics and not important for the calculator as is. But this might change with further enhancements.

Project has been added to Peer4commit

Huge thank you to whoever donated to this project!! will really start getting development moving.

Great way to help improve the code base and services for the community and earn some PPC along the way.