Peercoin projects now uses RFC format for protocol improvement proposals

Peercoin has adopted RFC format as standard of development related communication. RFC document format is one of the widespread internet standards explained here: and here:

Official repository for RFC’s is here:

Before submitting RFC please read this:

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May I ask when the RFCs are discussed? I have read this document, where it states that a so called sheperd (who will this be? Maybe @hrobeers ?) may schedule meetings with the author and/or relevant stakeholders.

  • May schedule? Depending from what?
  • Relevant stakeholders? Who decides who those are and how are they contacted, if you only have the pseudonym Peercoin address?

“During triage, every RFC will either be closed or assigned a shepherd. The role of the shepherd is to move the RFC through the process. This starts with simply reading the RFC in detail and providing initial feedback. The shepherd should also solicit feedback from people who are likely to have strong opinions about the RFC. Finally, when this feedback has been incorporated and the RFC seems to be in a steady state, the shepherd will bring it to the meeting. In general, the idea here is to “front-load” as much of the feedback as possible before the point where we actually reach a decision.”

So, depending on the specific nature of the rfc.

The RFCs are open for discussion, feel free to start a discussion in the github issues or on this forum if you have any opinions about it.