Peercoin .... POS .... grrr

It annoys me that this project is not valued as it should be, its what a reserve currency/backbone should look like its what BTC is trying to be but mining makes btc susceptible to the energy consumption argument.

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You see, I believe it’s properly valued. Just, the rest of the “crypto scene” is overvalued by factor of 10000x.

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I think it’s mostly due to a lack of accessibility. Coinbase listing would be crucial to gain exposure. Should be focus of current development imho.

I do agree that accessibility is the main problem. Rosetta integration is on our roadmap, which is a prerequisite to listing on Coinbase. You can find our roadmap here.

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of Rosetta and looking forward to its implementation. Peercoin is the “green bitcoin” and deserves much more attention - rather sooner than later. This opportunity should be seized. Keep up the good work!

i am hoping the market looks around and goes hmmm POS ok low energy hmmm btc, became a backbone not transactional, now what was the coin originally designed to to this, oh yeah PPC

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Yes, I’ve supported PPC since the start and it’s interesting to see news articles praise the ‘new’ PoS energy efficient and more responsible coins that are out, but never any mention of Peercoin, the original.

I’ve decided to pick up some more PPC recently. It’s always been the currency most close to my heart and was a brilliant idea when it was first created.


Those authors need to be informed. A couple things we can all do.

  1. Find the author’s email address or a contact form.
  2. See if their name is listed on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  3. If the article supports comments, write one about Peercoin being the original green crypto. They’ll probably see it there.