Peercoin October Monthly Summary

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Team Updates #37: Peercoin October Monthly Summary

We have busy this whole month making sure that the various services and exchanges are up to date with the new Peercoin v0.8 protocol. This has involved a lot of emailing and technical support from our developers to make sure that things are working correctly and the update is going smoothly.

Peercoin Team Launches VSYS Candidate Node
This month, the Peercoin Team launched a candidate node for V Systems. This will act as a source of revenue for supporting the Peercoin project to fund development, exchange listings, marketing and promotion, etc…

Link to thread: The Peercoin Team Launches VSYS Candidate Node

One PPC For Every Newbie
A community member by the name of @antaresus has launched an initiative for new members of the Peercoin community to participate in the community and to also recieve some Peercoin to welcome them. If you are new to the community, check out the thread and say hi!

Link to thread: One PPC for every newbie - Be a part of the Peercoin community

Bitcore/Insight Stack Is Now Ported to Peercoin
Bitcore/Insight Stack has been ported to Peercoin. Bitcore is a Javascript implementation of Peercoin client/node with an extended API, and Insight is a well known block explorer web user interface that many of you should be familiar with. We are still looking for volunteers to hosting the Insight explorer. If you are interested, chek the thread below!

Link to thread: Bitcore/Insight Stack is Now Ported to Peercoin Ported to Javascript
Thanks to @kazzkiq for completing the port of to Javascript. The website functions beautifully, and translations have recently been finished and are added, allowing our global community to continue participate in the Peercoin Community, as well as encouraging new members.

That is all for this update! Part five of the Peercoin Primer should be out soon as well!

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