Translators needed!

#1 needs to be translated to more languages. We are looking for several members of the community to provide translations for the new Peercoin website.

The Foundation is offering 100 Peercoin per translation and is first asking for translators for the following languages:

  • DONE Chinese (Mandarin) - @tony
  • French
  • In Progress German - @Otzi
  • Japanese
  • In Progress Korean - @Geon
  • In Progress Russian - Billionaire
  • DONE Spanish - @SamaelDNM

There is a budget for a select few more languages. If you want to propose an additional language, please do so below.

We are using Transifex (as we have in the past) to manage translations. You can find the project here: Because of the limitations of the software, there are some strings, specfically on the Resources page, that do not need to be translated and will be extremely repetitive. Know that the required translation text is not as large as it may first appear.

Please make a username and post it below along with the language you are claiming. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis. After you have claimed your language, you will have a two week window to show consistent progress and work. Failure to do so will result in the language being made available again.

We are aiming for around a 30 day completion period. Once the translation is deemed complete, there will be a review process with an outsourced verification service. After verification is complete, you will receive your payment.

Please feel free to reach out to either me on here, Discord, or Telegram. Thank you to @Cybnate and @kazzkiq for working on this with me.

listed #3


I propose Polish.


Iā€™m interested in Spanish


Thread is open for registration. Website text will be finalized in the next week and translation will begin then.

Please claim your languages below in the mean time


I applied for Korean.


I propose Slovak. If there is a demand, just let me know so that I can start ASAP.


Making a note.

Will keep you posted

Looking for and Peerunity translators - Payment in PPC! [CLOSED]

I propose Portuguese since it has 223 million native speakers.


I would like to do German.


Where is romanian ?

  • Chinese (Mandarin)


The last website changes are committed and will be reflected on the Transifex website when it updates. There may be smaller changes coming, but nothing that would be a major section (just adding a button etc).

Right now the language claims are:

If you want to claim a language, please let us know as soon as possible.


Looks like I have to set roles manually. Please DM me your username or email so I can get you on the roster.


Japanese has been claimed.


Spanish translation completed :slight_smile:


Finishing verification today :slight_smile:


Still need a translator for French.


Need a verifyer for Japanese


Chinese Translation completed and verified. Getting invoices shortly.

  • DONE Chinese (Mandarin) - @tony
  • French
  • In Progress German - @Otzi
  • Awaiting Verification Japanese - Adachi Ayumi
  • In Progress Korean - @Geon
  • In Progress Russian - Billionaire
  • DONE Spanish - @SamaelDNM