redirects (.com, .org, .net)


We’ve finally updated the redirects on the web server so that everything comes back to Please feel free to test any links you might be able to find.

Here’s what’s supposed to happen:

Any hyperlink using http, www, .org, .com or .net should also get redirected to including the page itself.

For example: is redirected to is redirected to

The changes were made following the generous donation by superppc in acquiring the domain (announcement here: We’re still keeping the .net domain for now but having the redirects will help visitors find us if they type in the wrong domain.

If you notice anything strange please let me know here or on, you can find me in channel #website or in #general just type an [member=33092]MAL[/member] to flag me or use Direct Message.

Thanks and Have fun! :omg:

Thank you MAL for working with Super3 to fix the issues we were having with the alternate domains. If anybody still experiences any issues, please report it here.

Also, I should probably also announce here that I’ve personally taken ownership of Nox- was the previous owner and expressed his interest a couple months ago on the forum about handing our main domain over to somebody who is more active in the community, so I volunteered. Nothing will change and the domain will still be available to the community to use for free.

Yes thank you.

The https:// is indeed important. I’m also happy to see that redirects to

It all works great.