The first draft of the Merchants page is ready. See

This covers a few of the benefits of receiving Peercoins as payment, and includes a tutorial for integrating Peercoin into a shopping cart experience.

Please post any comments on the page in this thread. TheWildHorse, the content is ready for the staging site.


Merchant page finished and will be included in revision v2.5.

ETA: +1 hours

Staging site is up. I really like the new art.

TWH, let’s change the header from Merchant to Merchants.

Some of the written content seems a little short. Do others agree?


You and TheWildHorse are doing great things

A few comments on the text, for your consideration:

Get paid instantly
Transactions can be detected nearly immediately via Peercoin’s blockchain technology. A block explorer instantly reveals an incoming payment

Strictly speaking, the text does not reflect the title, so I suggest a couple of tweaks (note the s in payments):

“Transactions are processed almost immediately by Peercoin’s blockchain technology. A block explorer instantly verifies [delete an] incoming payments”.

Avoid chargebacks
Once a payment has been fully confirmed by the network, it is secured by world-class cryptography, making it impossible to reverse.

Comment: I think this mixes the incapacity of the network to allow reversal, with the inability of individuals. The point we are making here, I think, is that the blockchain is not like paypal which has a facility for reversing payments. How do you feel about the following:

“Once a payment has been [delete fully] confirmed by the network, it is secured by world-class cryptography, making it impossible for the customer to reverse the payment”.

Cut out transaction fees
To initiate a payment, each sender pays a fee of just 0.01 Peercoin. As a merchant, you pay absolutely nothing.

You could insert a further sentence to the beginning: “Peercoin’s blockchain removes the need for conventional payment processors such as banks. This means, to initiate a payment …” etc

I also suggest perhaps inserting the word “nominal” before the word “fee”

Payment Integration Guide

I don’t see a need for a separate page “Payment Integration Guide” – surely, better just continue on the same page?

Hope these comments are useful.

I split the payment integration guide into a separate page because I wanted to separate the “pitch” or advantages for the merchant from the actual implementation of the system.

Thanks for the feedback, RobertLloyd. I’ve now integrated it. I decided to keep the third point as a single sentence, so that its length is similar to that of the first two points. However, I nearly prefixed it with, “Peercoin’s blockchain efficiently replaces the need for third-party payment processors.”

We’ve changed Consumers and Savers to Newcomers and Investors. I am wondering whether we should also revise “Merchants”

In Britain, “merchant” has historical overtones; we would usually say “retailers”

Or perhaps something wider, like “Businesses”?

Where I’m from, we still use “Merchant” as the technical term for a company that sells things to other people. I prefer “Businesses” more than “Retailers” but still perhaps favor “Merchants” over either. What do others think?

Would it be worth mentioning third-party payment processors? Though I think there’s only a couple of small ones that support Peercoin at the moment.

In the payment integration guide, is it possible to add step 7 and tell them if they’d like to use a Peercoin “Accepted Here” merchant badge, they can find them at this link?

Great idea. TWH, please move step 6 to 7, and insert a new step 6, as follows:

6. Optionally, post a [url=]Peercoin Accepted Here[/url] logo on your website.

Implemented, along with a few small changes in other threads.

I’ve found:

There might be more but those are all that I am aware of.

Although we are pitching accepting Peercoin as being free from fees and third-parties, in reality I think a lot of merchants would prefer to use a payment processor and so I think they should be mentioned.

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