Peercoin Minting Tutorial

I’ve written a brief guide on how to mint using the Peercoin Client! Hope you guys enjoy!


Just read through it. Great guide! Been doing a ton of research. Looking to put this on a new RPi 4 and maybe run a second public full node to help out the network!

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Nice tutorial for newcomers! It’s great even though it lack some example(s) for full minting process for me (showing minting tab and a stake) if I have some time I’ll try to make some.
@mikecentola if you want to report your feedbacks for setting up a full node on RPi 4 I’m quite curious of performance comparing to RPi zero!

I have 4 Pi 4’s, and two Pi 3 B+ right now. Trying to figure out how to purpose them. Between them all, I’d like to set up a local node for monaro, a minting peercoin wallet, a public full node for peercoin, and some other fun projects.

It does show the minting tab and a new stake, but I could not “fake” a stake to show it finished. I would have to wait a full 30 days+ which was not on schedule with when we wanted the article out. If/when it mints (low chance because small amount), I can add that, but it takes actual real life time.

Test net takes about 3 days to mature I think.

Ah, well I did it on a real client because I was moving to a backup wallet. I guess perhaps I will just redo it all then with the test net someday then.

Just food for future thought, it’s fine as is.