Peercoin Mining in 2018


Hi there,

I’ve just signed up to the forum, so a new figure around here.

The past few days I’ve been researching about the profitability of mining peercoins.
Several mining calculators and platforms like seem to show more or less the same: Mining peercoins as of now is a lot more profitable than mining Bitcoins for example.

I’m planning to get two ‘Bitmain Antminer S9’ machines with about 14TH/s of power. The electricity costs here are due to a special deal really low; about $1500 USD/year for the power needed for a S9.

What is your oppinion on that? Do you think mining peercoins makes more sense than mining bitcoins? Will it be profitable for 2018/2019 or will mining get that unimportant to the ecosystem of peercoin through it’s special system, that it won’t make sense thinking 1-2 years ahead?

Looking forward hearing about your oppinions.
Have a nice day!



Keep the following in mind:

For each 16 times increase in the network, the proof-of-work block reward is halved.

It’s really hard to estimate. It will mostly depend on Peercoin’s price, I guess.


I see, thank you for the feedback.

What would your personal decision be regarding mining peercoin or bitcoin (or altcoins) with the plans of running these both machines 1-2 years?


My opinion: Buying now and speculating on price increase over the next 1-2 years would get you more PPC than mining will give you over the same time period.


I think it would be better to hold off buying PPC for a month, and wait until Bitcoin crashes (in the new year? spring?) and then getting PPC - or at least spreading purchases

Edit - the above suggestion assumes one is buying with cash/dollars, etc. because the PPC price is presently high, along with bitcoin

If, however, one is buying with bitcoin, now is indeed a good time to buy, as the PPC is historically low in bitcoin terms