Peercoin mining group buy

Hey all,

I’ve seen quite a bit of interest on these boards regarding a group buy for peercoin mining, and I just wanted to start a thread where everyone / anyone who was interested could post. Hopefully we can get a bit organized and see where this takes us!

I’m always keeping an eye out for new mining opportunities (heck, even including the new scrypt FPGAs), but with how expensive the new machines are, I’d rather not take the risk on entirely by myself.

Yeah i’m always on the lookout for mining equipment and have a few BTC i usually am willing to throw at it… also willing to pool funds under the escrow address for people etc free of charge for a peercoin mining groupbuy.


There’s something of interest on the bitcoin forums if anyone cares. A dual scrypt/sha256 miner. 300 kh/s 10gh/s A little less if both mining at once. Apparently a new product from china. Maybe we could do a group buy for those? 10 is 2.7 bitcoin according to one thread.

hell no that is way overpriced!! i can run GPU’s and BFL devices for under 1 btc to get that hash rate

I think the best mining options right now would be a Prospero X-3 or a Wasp (whenever it’s available). At this point though, we may be a bit late in the X-3 purchasing cycle.

I am also interested in a group buy. Could someone maybe translate the hash-rates into PPC-rates, because I have almost no idea about the Peercoin mining situation at the moment. Thanks in advance!

Hashrates -> PPC isn’t an easy calculation, as the difficulty varies frequently (and the reward for mining varies with difficulty). Currently, 1 GH/s will net you about 1.14 PPC/month (assuming zero operational costs). A prospero X-3 would get you around 2,270 per month.

Source: (Maybe not the best, but good for quick-and-dirty calculation).

Some hashrate would benefit the pool and our miners, so the mining group could mine with 0% fee in our pool.

Just messaged the lead developer of the Wasp project to see what it would take for us to get our hands on a Hive. Will report back with any interesting developments.

And as a side note, I wanted to thank the support of Fuzzy and MrBickle! Hopefully we get more interested people in the GB, and it’s not just four or so people involved :stuck_out_tongue:

Update from the lead designer of the Wasp:

We can't give any definite date on that as we will not be mass producing these. We are releasing the designs to fabricators and then they will pay us licenses or end users will pay us licenses. I have a similar group in FRC Freicoin and we are doing the same. Maybe you can get them to pool their money to do their own local builds.

We do not sell miners we sell licenses. We hope most fabricators do a SHORT turnaround 2 weeks maximum and build as many miners the community needs without any long waits as we are going to have Hardware, Software and Firmware relased that is all working.

Well, we’ll see what this means for us. I certainly don’t think I have the hardware qualifications to build / assemble any of this. My expertise is limited to building computers from already fabricated hardware :stuck_out_tongue:

For the new-coming ASIC, DO NOT buy any pre-orders or any form of this. This literally means that all the money they get from the pre-orders is their capital. the asic makers are the ones that get one of the biggest paychecks due to cryptocurrencies, not as much the average miner. once you’ve paid the “pre order” and you sit and wait, you hope that other asic’s don’t come out, and that you get yours on time and maybe before others so the difficulty doesn’t go nuts the moment the entire order of asics is added to the network. Even then the “promise” of gh/s varies because they believe they can MAKE that much, but it’s not always the case because A. they have to give SOMETHING to everyone that paid and everyone gets the same thing. so if they have $100,000 and each one costs $5,000, and lets say 10 people bought this, that means that they can only put so much into investing on the product, because they’ll have to build 10 of them total. does that make sense… ? lol it’d be better to buy something that already exists. and worst case scenario, we could make each make antminer or block erupter farms :wink:

But never the less, i’d like to join the group buy :slight_smile: I’m not fully saying that i’ll pay, but if it’s worth it, i’m in :smiley: