Peercoin is looking for a Dart Developer

Hello everyone,

members of the Peercoin Team have forked the bitcoin_flutter repo to adapt it to Peercoin.

Our Goals
We’re currently building a Flutter Electrum Wallet for Peercoin.

The transaction / address related things inside this wallet rely on our fork of bitcoin_flutter.

What we need
The most significant change is the addition of a transaction timestamp to comply with Peercoin protocol. We also added a way to return transaction size for fee calculation.

Sadly, we currently don’t have the resources to develop things like P2SH or Segwit support into it ourselves.

For our app to flourish further, we would need someone that is familiar with Dart and Bitcoin to develop the following into our fork of bitcoin_flutter:

(ordered by priority)

We are willing and able to compensate for this work.

Contact us

If you want to have a chat you can find me or @peerchemist on Discord or Telegram.



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@MatthewLM pinging you for nostalgia

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He posted yesterday, so he is here.

Hi Willy, unfortunately I’m pre-occupied right now so I’m not able to help. If things change, I’ll be sure to get in touch.

I did take a look at the app and it looks good. I hope the development continues to go well. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.


Let us know if you have any ideas about where to find someone for this work.


I not familiar with Dart unfortunately and it seems feature looks quite advanced to my knowledge. On the other hand if you have any other jobs related to web development on the website or Peerbox I would be interested.

Thanks a lot!

Bumping this

This position is no longer open.