Peercoin Inflation Adjustment

This medium article discusses the upcoming changes to the Peercoin Proof of Stake reward protocol, as well as the historical motivation behind it.

Peercoin Inflation Adjustment


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The answer is no, but interesting idea. The 0.01 ppc fee allows for predictability in transaction creation. Also, the choice of 1% inflation already has widespread consensus in Peercoin. Changing the fee to a % of supply would likely be controversial and it would be hard to choose a number. 40 billionths of 1%, which is approximately 0.01 ppc, just doesnt seem like a relevant unit.



If not go into details. If the total number of “PPC” is 26m., then in any case 260,000 “PPC” will be minted per year but they will be distributed among those members who participated in the minting. Do I understand this correctly?

Thanks in advance, Regards, Deff

The concept is a protocol that targets that number. So it should average, over time, to that amount, but it will never be exactly that.

I understand it. The number of nodes involved in minting “PPC” should increase, that’s great. Perhaps there will be attempts to interfere with the normal operation of the blockchain, but the update is very necessary and on time. Somehow relatively dead coins will be taken into account?

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The rfc and discussion are here: