Peercoin has gone from being worth 4% of Litecoin to over 25% in just 7 months

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This is going to be a super exciting year. End of 2014 the top 5 list will look very different.

I’ll wait until tomorrow to post this on Facebook. It always seems the things I post after work at midnight don’t get as many views. This is going to be interesting though, I agree.

this is good! it is going down… down… down…

That’s a 625% increase. Very noteworthy.

Where’s our press release? :slight_smile:

coindesk should take recognition of this fact.

1BTC of PeerCoin purchased a year ago is worth about 20BTC now.

there are currently about 800K of LTC made a month vs 80K of of PeerCoin.

I would not like to compare Peercoin with any other coin. Peercoin should be creating its own market.

Having said that growth of Peercoin is just ordinary comparing with relative new coin like XNF (NoFiatCoin) which has increased over 300% within a month and is more than 25% worth of litecoin.