Peercoin has been swept out form Top 10 copytocurrency

Top 10 Reshuffles On CoinMarketCap: Ethereum vs. Ripple, Nem vs. Litecoin & More

Ones people realy understand what peercoin stands for its only a matter of time regarding mass adoption, peercoins consistency in innovation is key for the long run.

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Totally agree with you, Sir, but who knows the future…

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PPC will go back to the top 10 in 2017


i think its common sense that will draw the real cryptocurrency and anti centralization(anti bank/anti goverment) lovers to peercoin because of its uniqueness, good and honest things need time, its a game of patience, there is alot of noise at the moment that will pass moving forward in this cryptocurrency phenomenon.

lets all work hard on peercoin (development and community) and be patience trough all of the noise, honestly thinking all of the real madness has not even started yet, long way to go, but serious consistency and innovation will be rewarded in the end.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see PPC back in the top 10. There are going to be a lot of people burnt in the cryptocurrency bubble and only the strongest coins will come out on top - Peercoin being one of them. We are still a long way away from mania phase in PPC’s growth cycle, so I would estimate that it’ll be a year before PPC is back in the top 10

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And Peercoin has to separate from Namecoins price. On BTC-E I have the feeling, that when one of the two coins is rising or falling, the other one just follows, although that makes no sense. Namecoin is dead, isn’t it?

I mean, Peercoin with it’s PeerAssets has the potential to completely replace Namecoin, or am I wrong with that?

A namecoin dev recently went to icann, which was coincidentally timed with PA announcements and litecoin segwit. While you’re correct that all three are highly correlated, I wouldnt say namecoin is dead and doesn’t have market pressure of its own.