Peercoin has always been here, and will continue to be here

I wrote this post tonight.

What triggered it, is some one prominent named @kingscrown was talking about Proof-of-stake coins and gave a list. He did not mention Peercoin once. I asked him why…

I know why…

Since we’re not listed as #5 on, people forget us. Big investors know exactly who we are, and what we’re about to do… So I had to say some thing.

Check out the post:


Here’s a fact. Peercoin Dec 31, 2016 was trading at 23 cents. Right now, it’s trading at $1.69
I don’t know about you… but for me, if I bought 1,000 PEERCOIN for $230, and they are now worth $1,690, I’d say that was a huge success in less than a year!


good,I totally agree with you .We have a group of diehard supporters

The D in DPoS stands for Delegated, not for Distributed. Please correct that.

Fixed. I really do appreciate the correction. Thank you.

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