Peercoin Foundation Sponsors Thesis on Use of Blockchain Tech in International Trade & Reimbursement Banks

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Thesis Sponsorship

As part of our goal of actively investing in R&D to support real-life applications of blockchain technology, the Peercoin Foundation recently sponsored a thesis on the use of blockchain technology in international trade, specifically reimbursement banks.

As explained in the abstract below, the focus of this thesis is on improving the efficiency of international exchange by exploring alternative digital methods of executing reimbursement loans, which are often used to credit the trade of overseas goods.

The paper was translated to English by the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka, Croatia. It will be featured in their yearly bulletin and also shared with the larger Croatian academic community, including a publication in the Pomorstvo Journal of Maritime Studies, which will make it available to a great number of students and researchers in various scientific databases, all of which are detailed in the publication section below.

As this is one of first papers on this topic in the maritime community, there is a good chance that future research will reference this paper, with the possibility of bringing higher exposure to Peercoin in the scientific community.


The paper can currently be downloaded in pdf form here:



The paper will be published in the Pomorstvo Journal of Maritime Studies and will be available to a great number of students and researchers in the following scientific databases:



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