Peercoin FIFA football/soccer pool (bets are closed) -updates

Anyone interested to join a FIFA football/soccer pool with PPC community? :slight_smile:

Happy to setup one, but just for fun with small change e.g. 2 PPC/bet, max 5 bets/person through peer4commit.

If you join we would need alias, bet and payout address added into public Google document, so make sure you are comfortable with that. Winner takes all, but jackpot will be shared if more than 1 bet on the winning country. Will post detailed rules when enough interest. Think I need 5 posts committing to joining pool in this thread before Saturday.

Had kschneezy, Ben and David interested in the chat. Need a few more people otherwise it is no fun. Who else?

ok, i am in. please share the details :slight_smile:

Hi Cybnate, I am keen too!!

Ok, we have interest. I realise I’m a bit late. Will post details in 12 hours or so. Bit of trouble to get google doc up and need to go to work now.

Keep your PPC ready :wink:

Right, got something to work, will update Google doc a bit later.
I realise I’m a bit late, I don’t think the first few matches will make anyone much wiser on the possible outcomes, but feel free to leave it till the deadline.

Here are the basic rules:

  • Check out Google doc for the countries playing
  • Post your bet in this thread and write down your forum post number. Your bet is just the country who you think wins the Cup.
  • Go to peer4commit and transfer 2 PPC with identifier for each bet and
    Please add your forum post number behind the dot of the number of PPC you are sending. E.g. if you posted your bet(s) on forum post number 5 and you placed 1 bet, please transfer 2.000005 PPC.
    That way I can track who paid what in case the balance doesn’t match the number of bets

Max 5 bets per person/alias. Only peercointalk alias created before 12 June can join the pool.

Google doc with bets and
countries playing here:
Paying your posted bet here:
Details/charter here:

Deadline 14/6/2014 9.00 GMT (10pm London)

I’ll take Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Germany :slight_smile:

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going for jack pot ;D

i sent 8.000007

Sent the PPC

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Ok, want to be part of the fun myself.

My bets are: Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. Typical outsider view, I guess ;D
Will send my PPC after work.

Still 24h left before this pool closes. Won’t accept further bets after 14/6/14 21.00 GMT (= 22.00 London).
I think till that time it is still hard to predict who the winner would be even though they played a few matches.

Will update the Google document with the bets tomorrow

Updated the Google docs with the bets here:

where are kschneezy, Ben and David? :slight_smile:

They probably wait till a few more matches have been played. We have now the results of two pools, so four countries are basically out already.

I have been in Salvador Brazil for the last week. Went to that Spain Netherlands game yesterday!!!

I volunteer in the mornings at an orphanage and haven’t had much free time lately. Will look to place some bets

I am kinda confused reading those rules

It’s a pity I have to close off the placing of further bets now, but have fun anyway that close to the games.
I’m open for suggestions to make it simpler the next time though.

Anyway, we have almost 24 PPC in the pot for the winner. Good luck all.

It’s a pity I have to close off the placing of further bets now, but have fun anyway that close to the games.
I’m open for suggestions to make it simpler the next time though.

Anyway, we have almost 24 PPC in the pot for the winner. Good luck all.[/quote]

Hey Cybnate,

I’m too late. I wanted to join up but I’ve never participated in these betting pools and so I’m clueless. I don’t know how they work, but that is my bad, and then on top of that because it was football and myself being naive in these things and not seeing the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks or SF 49er’s I became totally confused :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !! haha Just Kidding.

Then reality intervened and I was distracted so couldn’t learn until after the deadline had passed :frowning: Oh, woe is me! :frowning:

But all my inexperience aside, I think it is really terrific that you set this up. I had never imagined peer4commit used in such an innovative way. I hope it works out great.

I imagine this type of thing could bring Peercoin more interest in the future. Good going! :slight_smile:


@NME Thanks for your moral support. You may blame me for being a bit late and in hindsight I could have closed a bit later allowing more people to join up. It is a bit of a learning curve for me too at times.

I hope that fun projects like these and other more serious ones I’ve created are good examples of what is possible with peer4commit. And with the latest release everyone can easily set one up. I’ll say this: we are just starting to understand the possibilities of this new platform for the community…

Just updated the spreadsheet here:

I’m sorry Nox, but Spain is not going to win this Worldcup :wink: Good you have a few more bets outstanding.