Peercoin emission

I know PPC emission is Unlimited in current version. Is true?
What do you think about to change to a limited 2 billions coins emission? This will increase the price, I am shure.

It may increase the price, but makes it less feasible as usable currency. A small inflation rate is necessary to keep the money flowing and keep it more stable. It comes down what Peercoin as a coin (not as a blockchain) is supposed to be, a currency or a share. I don’t think you can have both.


I don’t think you have to worry about us getting anywhere near even 1 billion in our lifetimes. The rate of inflation has slowed down a lot over the past couple years. For example we’ve been stuck on 24 million all year and we’re not even halfway to 25 million yet.


You can’t cap it. If you could, you’d have to set minting reward to 0, which would kill PPC network’s fundamental incentive for running a node when the number of nodes is low…

Well, you can by following the NXT model. Instead of a minting reward increasing the overall money supply, the money supply is fixed and the minter only receives the fee. The fee is not burnt as with Peercoin. Different approach. Jury is still out on what is better, I prefer the inflationary model of Peercoin.