Peercoin Docs Updating

Hi, please help me update the Peercoin docs. My branch is here:

I’ve done some work on 001, 002, and 003 so far. I put a bunch of spots in 002 that I’m looking for citations from code for, as well as a note about removing a section and replacing it with links to outside sources. Putting together the material for these links and citations is something I could use help on.

Thanks, let’s update this documentation together!


004 done, I removed the ppc address because the footnote links to the location with 4 different donation places. I’m not sure how specific we want to be. 005 is a great example of this, where there are specific payment things. I am going to skip 005, I hope maybe someone else will take that one. 006 is also a bear, I’m going to skip that one for now as well.

There should be a conversation at some point about how we are using this. Reading straight through becomes impossible at 003 all the way until 007.