Peercoin Chess Club

Do you play chess? Have you used before? Check out the new Peercoin Chess Club!

We’re looking to host tournaments that pay out in our dear, native peercoin. Along that line, here’s the first monthly Peercoin May 2022 Daily Open with some coins to incentivize players to join :slight_smile:

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The June 2022 Open is hosted on Peercoin June 2022 Daily Open -

The July 2022 Open is hosted on Peercoin July 2022 Swiss Open by Peercoin Chess Club •

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The May 2022 Open on is scheduled to start soon on May 23rd, just days away!

There aren’t many entrants at the moment so you have a great chance at winning some peercoins if you enter and play :slight_smile:

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I’ve joined, although I’ve not played chess since school!

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I see it’s too late to join. I’ve not done any tournament on before so I wasn’t sure how it worked. Maybe another time but I can’t say I’d be very good!


I think we’re all pretty amateur. Sign up for the June Open, it starts in a little over a week from now :slight_smile:


The June 2022 Open on starts in a week, sign up now if you’re interested!

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Although I am a beginner, I have decided to join. Hopefully, It will be a lot of fun. daily is an acquired taste but I hope you end up liking it :slight_smile:

You’ve got some questions about this on Reddit…

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The June 2022 Open on is starting soon!

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Doing a practice session on to try out the tournament parameters :wink:

The July 2022 Peercoin Open is happening on as a Swiss Tournament on July 9th at 8:00 a.m. CST.

Games are 20+0 (20 minutes on the clock per player) with a 10 minute break between rounds. There are 5 rounds total so the event should consume no more than 4 hours (but will likely be faster).

The games are rated and there are also real peercoin prizes to compete for!

I might end up losing a game because of this! :frowning:

And sorry for playing so slow. We’ll get there in the end.

The August 2022 Peercoin Chess Club event is a live Swiss tournament on chess dot com: Play Chess Online for Free with Friends & Family -

It should be similar to the Swiss tournament held on lichess dot org. Five rounds, twenty minutes on your clock. 400 PPC 1st, 200 PPC 2nd, 100 PPC third :peercoin:

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: :chess_pawn:

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Great stuff, thanks for sharing the information