Peercoin Celebration Hangout AUDIO recording just released!

You can listen to the radio archive of the 4th Anniversary Peercoin Celebration here:

Please share, re-tweet, facebook, reddit… It was an amazing episode. Let’s make it viral.

Super excited! Thank you!

This was excellent! :smiley:

It turned out much better than I thought it would. Also, your friend Intelliguy represented Peercoin very well in the latter half of the show. The only thing I wished to hear was somebody countering the guy in the middle section that was saying PoS allows the rich to get richer.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear how people thought I did in the beginning?

Also, should I time social media advertising for this on Monday when more people are paying attention? Sunday may not be the best day to post around about it. What do you think?

By the way, I don’t think it was posted on the forum itself yet, but the first part of the show where hrobeers spoke about PeerAssets is located here…

Good thinking. Let’s broadcast it on social media for Monday morning.

There is a lot of people on wallstreet who check out social media and these types of hangouts while they are sitting in their offices… I use to notice back in the day that people would exit Bitcoin into fiat on Friday, and re-buy back in Monday, just so that they could have a couple days off during the weekend so they didn’t have to stay glued to their terminals incase there was a price movement.

In my opinion professional traders on wallstreet trade crypto “for fun” during the week… and when they go home for the weekend, they promise their wives to stay off the computer. grin.

I assume you’ll get Sunny King to include the link in his next update too?

If you look at the comments on the steemit post, people were saying this"hmm. haven’t opened my wallet in a while". Someone else says “oh! Sunny King? He’s still around”… those types of comments.

So this mumble radio hangout really did the community well, and we should have more of them.

Yes, I’ll email the links to Sunny. Also, we need as many people as possible to be here Monday morning to support Reddit threads and help retweet it. I’ll post all social media links here at that time.

Thanks guys, this is really good quality! I enjoyed listening to the entire show.

Great stuff, let’s continue building our vision and do these things more often!

excellent! really good, listened to every minute, thoroughly impressed!!

need more people to listen!

really drives home why we are still here!

Who in the Peercoin community is Intelliguy? I realize he said he is a lurker (as am I), but does he go by a different name here?

Also, there should be realistic expectations as to what kind of audience this podcast will draw. Although it is a good discussion with quality sound production and editing, it lasts for the better part of two hours. I suspect very few outside the hardcore crypto folks are going to commit that amount of time.

No he doesn’t go by a different name here. He’s a personal friend of mine, who was willing to talk without staying anonymous, and he knows enough about Peercoin, I encouraged him to do it.

I am the one that planned the 4th Year Anniversary without asking for community consensus. I did that on purpose, to “get it done”, and it got done.

What I did expect, is a bunch of critics to show up and complain about what we did wrong. This way, for our 5th year “grand” anniversary, a lot more people will want to get involved.

I fully expected people to say “this could have been done better”, or “that could have been done better”. Next year sportscliche when we’re looking for volunteers, I hope you’re one of them. Whether it be for speaking, planning, drawing graphics, promoting things, donating, anything.

I figured it would be best to show people a 4th year could be done, so our 5th year will be even better.

…and you are right, it is too long, if the idea of the podcast was to “sell” peercoin to non-peercoiners.

That wasn’t what this was really about. It was about talking to people about Peercoin, so those people who use to hold it, maybe even still have some coins sitting somewhere, get further engaged back with the community.

It wasn’t a promo.

It was just a celebration and a re-activation of who we are for those that thought we weren’t doing anything new these days.

It worked. :slight_smile:

[quote=“hrobeers, post:6, topic:4029”]Thanks guys, this is really good quality! I enjoyed listening to the entire show.

Great stuff, let’s continue building our vision and do these things more often![/quote]

When do you think we should have another one? Sometime in September?

ppcman, I edited the social media links into the OP here as well, since this is the main thread.

Not sure, I was just expressing my excitement :slight_smile:
Maybe we should do one when we reached a next milestone (e.g. a simple PeerAssets DAO launched)

Can I just say that this is a nice piece of work? Thanks for your work, I enjoyed it.