Peercoin build with --disable-wallet (disable wallet)


Is there any way to build ppcoind without the wallet functionality? There is this option for bitcoind, with ./configure --disable-wallet. But there is no such thing for ppcoin, instead the makefiles are pre-generated…

Also there are several other options that would be great to integrate, such as --without-miniupnpc, --disable-upnp-default, etc.


Build from this tree:

It has the --disable-wallet feature you’re looking for.

This branch is not considered stable. Use at your own risks.

Thank you guys. Should I assume this will be present in the next stable release on the master branch?

The develop branch is the basis for the next stable release. But actually it doesn’t include this feature yet. The develop branch has merged bitcoin up to 0.8.6 and the “–without-wallet” option was introduced in bitcoin 0.9.0.

So I’m not sure this feature will be available in 0.5.