Peercoin 4th Anniversary Celebration! Aug 19-20, 2016

Peercoin 4th Anniversary Celebration! Aug 19-20, 2016

[td][size=12pt]It has been four years since[br]Sunny King, the founder and developer of Peercoin[br] released this blockchain[/size][/td][/tr][/table]

First Long-Term Energy-Efficient Crypto-Currency 2012-08-19 18:00:00 UTC. <<<

Please join us in acknowledging and celebrating this anniversary event !!

This is a great time to learn about the latest developments of Peercoin. We have some things planned.

Phase 0: CoinDesk Interview with Sunny King & the Peercoin Team
CoinDesk approached us to write an article about the effect Bitcoin’s halving had on Peercoin’s PoW difficulty and the
resulting drop in mining reward. CoinDesk did this interview with Sunny King and the Peercoin team in preparation
for writing the main article. You can find the interview here…

            [url=]CoinDesk Interview with Sunny King & the Peercoin Team[/url]

Phase 1: Mumble RADIO SHOW: Featuring Peercoin and hrobeers
We’ll be kicking off the event on Friday August 19th of the Beyond Bitcoin mumble radio talk show.
This begins at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 2pm UTC

           [b] hrobeers will be our primary speaker[/b], who will discuss the latest developments on his Peercoin project.

            If you've never used mumble before, see this post by @intelliguy on steemit:

            After the next speakers finish their segments, we'll continue the "aftershow" on the Beyond Bitcoin mumble,
            which will probably last up to an additional 1-3 hours.

            In attendance will be SentinelRV, Chronos, myself (ppcman), and more...

            [size=14pt]Sunny King is aware of the event, and will be making an appearance during the aftershow discussion.[/size]

Phase 2: Two Day Rocket Chat “Drop in and Talk”
Both Aug 19 & 20
For the duration of the celebration until August 20th, we’ll be making extra use of our new Rocket Chat channel,
which is available here:


            So in the event you do not attend the 1 to 3 hour mumble show, you can talk to other people in our live chatroom
            after the show concludes.

            Special thanks to Peerchemist for running this free service.

            We will discuss historical achievements, current developments, and what's coming in the near future.

Phase 3: Win 100 Peercoins (or more!) by uploading a photo!
All peercoin talk members are encouraged to take photos, or make memes, and upload them to this special thread:

            [url=]Peercoin 4th Anniversary IMAGE GALLERY and CONTEST.[/url]

            You can [size=12pt]win 100 free peercoins[/size] for your contribution if selected as the winner!

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But do NOT spam it. We’d like to be responsible and show good netiquette.

If you know of a cryptocurrency news publication that wants to talk about it, please show them this thread.

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Reaching 4 years is a great milestone that proves Peercoin’s consistency to the crypto-community. We are one of the few time-tested communities and every supporter should take pride in that fact. This achievement shows that network security through the utilization of Proof-of-Stake consensus is a viable and eco-friendly solution that needs to be addressed.

Check out google trends for “Proof of Stake” queries and the rate at which it’s increasing.

Thank you for your efforts and putting together this celebration, [member=11274]ppcman[/member] .

I can see it at now! Great work guys :slight_smile:

I finally posted this on Reddit and Bitcointalk. Please support them…

I also posted about the photo contest on social media…

I have confirmed that Sunny King has cleared his Friday schedule and will be making an appearance during the aftershow.

He will reveal his identity to the public ?

He will reveal his identity to the public ?[/quote]

Even without revealing his identity it will be interesting to hear him speak publicly (vocally) for the first time. Not sure if this is the first but it will be the first I’ve heard!

No, he will be there via text chat.

I’ve never understood why people insist people reveal their identity. It’s not important.

The only thing that happens is the media and government starts chasing the person. That’s not good.

we have to define “appearance” in the announcement ;D

Appearance these days can mean text, video, hologram, or virtual reality I suppose. In this case it is text. If people read through the thread. :slight_smile:

If he were to speak, I think I’d have a heart attack. But you never know what he will do next.