Peerbox - make peerbox a Berryboot asset


I have used Berryboot bootloader to load my Raspberry Pis and it seems to work well.
I think Peerbox can be distributed as a pre-made Berryboot asset to give people more flexbility in what to do with their RPi. Currently if you run your RPi as a peerbox it is pretty much dedicated. With a bootloader you can play with your RPi for other projects and switch back to peerbox within a minute.
Also Berryboot it is easy to load the file system on a USB stick so that it not only increases physical security (you can take the stick away) but also helps to prevent minting from wearing out the SD card which results in a dead RPi (every several months for high block-rate coins such as Nu)


Peerbox has been discontinued a while ago. Replaced by Stakebox.

I see you are confused, there are no other projects.

I’ll see what I can do about this.


Anyway the idea is that Berryboot can make something like a downloadable virtual machine asset that is ready for minting – just add fund.