PeerAssets Inquiry

Ello. I’m looking to make my own crypto for fun / educational purposes. I don’t want to use account-based tech like eth and I don’t want to start a whole new chain that needs to be mined.

I remembered that Peercoin was doing something with PeerAssets so I was wondering if this is something I could use for this purpose.

I was in the Discord for a few minutes and @Sentinelrv directed me to ask @peerchemist

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Sure. There are a few repositories to get you started.

Pacli is a simple peerassets client.
Pypeerassets can be used if you’re familiar with python

Note that there are upcoming changes to the PeerAssets protocol.

I’m not a coder. I’m wondering if what I said would be possible to have for the end user. For example, on the Waves dex, I can create an asset using a simple UI.

Such UIs were never made.

what is that supposed to mean? and why only the criticism instead of looking for solutions?

No criticism. He is simply saying there was never a UI made. We are working on making that happen soon.

I was referring to Chemist’s comment.

I @'ed him, no response… I mention some coin that isn’t 100% as fair as PPC and I get a short answer with no solutions within minutes.


Sorry, I get dozens of @ a day and if I don’t catch it right away it simply gets lost.

I know you’re busy but that’s an excuse.

We are all busy on the team. Lots of things going on, organization of Indacoin partnership, meetings about development and lawyers about hiring people, coordination about Twitter promotion. And Peerchemist has other work responsibilities than just Peercoin. So cut him a little slack please.

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I understand being busy but his comment wasn’t constructive. He would have been better off letting the other guy deal with it.