PeerAssets Docs


Hey, everyone.

I’m currently working towards shining more light on the work we’ve done with PeerAssets by providing useful and thorough documentation for the general public to consume. I’ve started a repository and plan to continue working on it and would appreciate all comments, criticism, and any help you all are willing to provide. I want to make sure that this serves as an educational resource for all of those curious and wanting to learn more about PeerAssets in the present and in the future.


Donations are greatly appreciated and help this effort move forward.

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This is concise, but too technical for the general public. To give one example, “platform-neutral” might be better understood as “independent of any blockchain”.

Perhaps we can work through the sentences, so that lay men and women can understand them, but without compromising their technical integrity.

What sort of language does language-neutral refer to?


Are we not using Kazzkiq’s docs software for this like we are doing for Peercoin? What software is this using?


We are using Slate for the PeerAssets docs.


Ok, is this because it needs to show the relevant code on the right side?


It’s a technical documentation aimed at developers.