Peerapps now open source

Note it’s still in Alpha, and requires v0.5 of PPCoin Core (which has no released binaries, so you must build it yourself).

Development is ongoing, with focuses being on:

  • Changing Peermessage to have two message types. One will have a low level of anonymity of receiver, which means not every client will have to download it, and be super cheap. The second will be more expensive, and have complete anonymity of receiver, and require all participating clients to download it to check if they can decrypt it.

  • Work has begun on a light client that will not require Peercoin Core to be running alongside it. Its primary target is mobile devices. These clients will not be connected to the Peercoin network, but will connect to super nodes that will dish back parsed data from the blockchain upon request. The data will be signed, so the light clients won’t have to trust the super nodes with anything other than censorship.

  • Another application on the Peerapps framework.

  • General robustness, code cleanup, commenting, and preparation and testing for binary builds.

I’m following this with great interest !! Way to go emEth!

Thank you!
Compiling Peercoin binaries takes a blink of an eye compared to the download of the Bitcoin block chain behemoth that was required in the beta.
Looking forward to play with it!
Aiming for mobile phone users is another brilliant idea of yours, emeth!

Thank you!

[member=32312]emeth[/member] have you looked at thi: any thoughts?

Thank You!

thank you!

Thank You!

[member=32312]emeth[/member] have you looked at Blockstore: