Peer4commit cleanup

I also have no problem with Fuzzy taking the PPC from that project fund. He deserves it. That is why this thread is setup to make sure PPC is not taken which is owed to anybody.


Sure fuzzy deserves it, what about pppcd project, are we all happy with this being disbanded

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Since Mably is the sole fundraiser for ppcd, it is really up to him to decide what to do with those funds. If he’s not interested in developing it further or looking for a replacement, then he could just donate the funds himself to the foundation. Can you communicate that to him and link him to the thread with the foundation donation address in it? If he lost access then Sigmike can help with that.

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Well it’s dormant since ever, and Mably has stated he has no interest. So, it’s up for dismissal as well.


@backpacker69, did Mably respond back about this yet?

i’ve posted his reply, he didn’t have time to come in this thread even though it was linked.

So you can’t send him my message above? It would be better that he make the decision to transfer the funds himself rather than us doing it for him if that is what he really wants. If he just can’t be bothered with it though, then we’ll have to handle it. Just let us know which one it is.

According to the message above, related by backpacker (18 May), Mably said it was okay to move the funds

Hello everybody,

Sadly I don’t have time to work on ppcd any more.

Feel free to reaffect the ppcd funds to other projects that are more in need.



@sigmike, it has now been 2 weeks since you posted this. The original post has now been updated to remove Fuzzy’s funds and to add Mably’s funds as he gave permission to move them. Can you please move all the funds listed to the foundation donation address?

@sigmike did you want to transfer the PPC out of the Peercointalk project or shall I go ahead and move these PPC?


Go ahead.

I’ll lock this thread now.

As for remaining projects, especially Peershares and Roll your own DAC. I do not think those are wasted yet.
Peershare project needs updating to latest Peercoin codebase, there are some ideas floating around on how to use Peershare project in the future.

I guess 2k Peercoins is enough to modernize the Peershare codebase.