Peer4commit cleanup pt. 2

I believe it’s time to do another round of cleanup of the Peer4commit and close several of it’s listed projects for good. The projects I’m about to list are to be closed and deleted from the Peer4commit to stop people from donating further.

  1. ppcoin

Funding of the development for the Peercoin core is now fully the role of the foundation. Community should be urged to donate to the foundation instead.

  1. PeercoinBlockExplorer

This block explorer is not even used by anyone and development has stopped years ago.

  1. The Reddit Advertising Fund

Role of advertising is best to be taken over the Foundation which can do this formally.

  1. peer4commit

Development of this project has stopped years ago and community has interest in replacing it.

  1. PyBitmessage


  1. Raspberry Pi Nodes


  1. docker-peercoind

I am the developer, I want this deleted.

  1. PeerAssets

I am the developer, I want this deleted.

  1. PeercoinArmory

This is dead for years now.

  1. Peercoin Marketing Fund (closed)

Dead, to be deleted.

  1. Peerapps


  1. Peercoin-tasks


  1. Peercoin Vanity Address Generator


  1. Roll your own DAC

Nothing will come out of this.

  1. Peershares

Nothing will come out of this.

  1. Bounties for Peercoin translations

It is best the Foundation handles this and makes a proper community bounty for translations.

  1. Peertipbot

We have stopped using this years ago.


isn’t this ?

seems live at least

It seems he got it back. Ok I’ll remove from now but I’ll ask him to withdraw it all.

I agree to not use an old php block explorer.

The Iquidus/node.js based is better to develop features on.

I was a little bit shocked to see the amount of funds that went into what basically was a php rpc api interface without a database backend.
Shutting this down is a no-brainer.

I think that’s a good selection there. There is really no reason for any of this to exist. Everything is either dead, of no use because they are replaced by newer technologies or it would be better for the foundation to take over responsibilities. I still maintain my previous position that the whole website be shut down after advance notice is given, but you might want to replace it first with something better before doing that.

This comes before closing it down entirely. We don’t have anything better.

As owner of the following:

  • Peercoin tasks can be closed

  • Peercoin Marketing Fund can be closed
    Remaining funds on the above are negligible and can be considered dust. Feel free to do what you believe is best.

  • Bounties for Peercoin translation is technically active, but no transactions in or out have taken in place in the 12 months. There is still 1398.44 PPC in this fund.

I’m fine with the suggestion that the Foundation takes over this fund and the related activity. Inviting donors and community members to comment if they believe another destination for these should be sought. Perhaps we can agree if no reactions are posted in this thread in next 4 weeks, we proceed as suggested for this fund. I can complete the transaction as I should still have access to these funds.

We need translations for the new website. Perhaps we can re-purpose the translation funds for that.


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It’s still live though, and it requires some maintenance like these cleanups.

I’ve sent the funds of the other listed projects to the foundation.

If the community doesn’t have interest in peer4commit anymore I would like to shut it down too.

Community has interest in the alternative however. Are you maybe interested in setting up the next iteration of the community crowd funding platform?

That is talked about here…

I won’t have time to work on that in the short term.

It’s ok, let us know when you are available.