pAPI - A PeerAssets API for gathering relevant asset information

@saeveritt and I have been working on an API that allows the indexing of user-relevant asset information. We just put up the minimal version of what we have so far - deck and card gathering by name, issuer or transaction id. You can also search all the decks and cards on the chain if you wish. Right now we are working on implementing deck state analysis (address balance) and deck voting data.

The main advantage of this API is the allowance of searching and indexing only subscribed assets. With the advent of P2TH, parsing the blockchain no longer requires a block-by-block parsing when searching for specific assets. This yields a much clearer – and much much more efficient – method of keeping a running portfolio on managed assets as well as validating transactions.

Our end goal of this API is to allow high-level end users or interested developers the opportunity to create quick and powerful build outs without the need of a bulky install through a peercoin daemon. Avoid a full index of the blockchain and jump straight into the part that matters - your assets.

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