Pacli v0.4.7




  • Output is now pretty-printed and colorized,
  • New set of commands: pacli config to handle configuration options,
  • pacli card parse $deckid $cardid will try to decode a card from raw transactio. Useful for debugging.
  • pacli deck issue_mode_combo to help calculate int value of deck combos.
  • deck info now shows deck P2TH address.
  • Bugfixes and polish.



New important features:

pacli config set network ppc

Will switch the pacli to work with Peercoin mainnet.

pacli config default

Will revert to default config.

pacli card parse $DECKID $CARD_TXID

You can inspect individual card txns like this.

pacli deck issue-modes

pacli deck issue-mode-combo 1,4

If you are creating new deck and not sure about number to pass as it’s issue mode, with this two commands you can inspect the available issue modes and calculate the combo.