Pacli v0.4.6.1


  • fixed send for card issuing,
  • implemented transaction::sendraw for sending hexlified raw transactions.
  • Windows keyring fixes.


pip install pacli

or if you use Windows and don’t have python installed:

Download the .zip, unpack and use pacli.exe binary inside the directory.

Windows build was tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7 SP1.

Bug reports and documentation:


Unable to open, flash back.

What version of windows?

windows 10

Note: For those on windows, make sure after you extract everything, open CMD to use the commands. Easiest way to open CMD is to type “CMD” in the address bar, opening it to the directory. CMD guide can be found here:

pacli.exe address show
pacli.exe address balance
pacli.exe deck list 

[NOTE: deck list scans and takes the longest to load. Please be patient while it propagates.]

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ok ,thank you:竖起大拇指:

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It did take a really long time for the listing to run (like you said) but it’s cool that you can package the python into an .exe like that :slight_smile: :snake: :computer:

Here’s a picture of it doing stuff on Windows 10! :tada:


You can get some testnet coins at

pacli.exe address show

what does ‘pacli.exe address balance’ give? Mine still says 0.0 even though I have a testPPC balance from the faucet.

Mine still says 0.0 even though I have a testPPC balance from the faucet.

Can you show me the txid and your pacli.exe address show?

that happened because testnet explorer got stuck, i’ve restarted sync and it should work now.


good job,

Any new decks to play with?

“PeerTips” - 98694bb54fafe315051d2a8f1f5ea4c0050947741ced184a5f33bf4a0081a0bb

With Chem’s help I was able to set up a deck that could be used to tip people who provided value. Writing a tutorial on how to do this and will be done soon

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Is address maybe blocked for you?

Today, it’s ok

Anyway, this is the old version. Please comment on the thread of the new version.