Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is Doing an AMA on 5/2. We Should Ask Him About PPC

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is going to be doing an AMA on Reddit on 05/02. We should try to have something prepared to post as soon as the AMA goes live. We need something that educates him about Peercoin, it’s benefits compared with Bitcoin and the fact that it’s currently the 3rd largest crypto next to Bitcoin and Litecoin. It can’t be long though, or he probably won’t read the whole thing. It also needs to ask the question about whether Overstock would consider accepting Peercoin in the future. We could point to his recent statement about possibly accepting Litecoin…


While both digital currencies can be used at online stores for services and products, such as cosmetics and video games, bitcoin is accepted more widely. Still, some merchants are paying attention to litecoins. Patrick Byrne, chief executive officer of Overstock.com Inc., said in an interview that the online retailer is considering accepting litecoins.

“It’s time I start looking hard at it,” said Byrne, whose Salt Lake City-based company accepts bitcoins. “We certainly want to be always at the forefront of accepting such currencies.”


Just wanted you Bitcoin redditors to know that Patrick Byrne will be on r/IAmA/ this Friday (5/2) from 3pm-5pm EDT. He's looking forward to answering your Bitcoin-related questions (or any other questions you may have...he knows a lot about many, many things). For those who didn't already know, in January, Patrick made Overstock.com the first major online retailer to accept Bitcoin. Patrick has also said that he personally holds "millions" of dollars in Bitcoin. Spread the word :).

Can somebody write a question for this? The AMA is tomorrow. I or somebody else can post it.

Here is the question I asked. Please upvote it…


You may need to defend Peercoin against other commenters as well.

Even if we don’t get an answer to my Peercoin specific question, he seems to answer how we would go about getting them to accept it at Overstock below. It seems Coinbase is ultimately the answer…

Q: "[i]Hello Patrick!

You have done a great service to the bitcoin community by taking the bold leap and becoming the first major retailer to accept bitcoin. Do you have any future plans to use a payment processor such as GoCoin to take advantage of people holding the major alternative currencies such as Litecoin, Doge, NXT etc? It seems that it is a largely untapped market with a lot of potential."[/i]

A: “Ultimately, my support is for cryptocurrency, of which Bitcoin is currently the most well-known example. I am happy to see other cryptocurrencies gain momentum. As far as Overstock goes… We integrated through Coinbase. I think they are keeping an eye on other cryptocurrencies, and will integrate with them as they develop adherents. Thus, our single integration with Coinbase will allow us to accept others, in time. So take your lobbying to Coinbase, not me! :)”