OT Voting Pool API Feature Request

Open Transactions have not yet released their voting pools feature, so it is probably too far in the future to focus on now. That is why I am starting a new thread and not posting it in the thread for v0.2 feature requests. Iā€™m only posting it now in case I forget in the future :wink:

As discussed in this thread about Open Transactions:

If Peercoin wants to be tradable in OT voting pools, they'd need to produce a Peercoin client that implement the Voting Pool Wallet API, (once it's finalized)

Voting Pool Wallet API (not yet finalized): http://opentransactions.org/wiki/index.php?title=Voting_Pool_Wallet_API
Voting Pools whitepaper: http://opentransactions.org/wiki/index.php?title=Voting_Pools

Not directly related to Peerunity, but we plan to try to port btcd, the Conformal bitcoin core implementation used by OT, to Peercoin.

The related peer4commit bounty is here: http://peer4commit.com/projects/130

Thanx to all the people who are willing to participate in the project.