Open source pool software?

Hey curious if there are any open source pools that can out of the box be used for mining peercoin? Been searching on GIT/Google/Forums with no luck. Would like to make a private pool for some of our ASIC gear.

MPOS is an open source mining pool platform, but it takes some setting up; it won’t just work out of the box. It can be configured for sha256 and scrypt coins.

I played with MPOS and tried to get it going for Peercoin, and i got it like 95% there, but for the life of me, EVERY block would come back invalid. then i forgot about that tester vps for a while and it got wiped so i’d have to do it again.

I think it was a problem with the block template…

If you figure it out i’d definitely be curious :slight_smile:



back in the day you had to change something in ppcoins source code, TheSeven made a patch, to allow stratum protocol, getblocktemplate wasnt in that version of ppcoin, it would be added to the next so now it should work without the patch, before it used getwork, or what was it, can’t remember exactly

Yeah back then (pre PPC v0.4) i had managed to get a pool running and it worked fine for quite some time. When i went to upgrade ppcoind to v0.4 it never worked again…

I’d be really interested in getting this working…