On-chain message board idea

  • pretty much an evolution of peercoin.holiday app (people tried using that one as message-board already)
  • User experience-wise it should land somewhere between twitter, 4chan and http://news.ycombinator.com
  • There is a root P2TH where all OP posts are published. We can have multiple P2TH, so we get included sorting by topic. For example P2TH for news, P2TH for science, P2TH for anime porn and so on.
  • Each post has it’s P2TH, address derived from it’s txid. It’s deterministic.
  • Comments on posts use post P2TH as vout[0].
  • Comments on comments use comment txid-derived P2TH as vout[0].
  • Tipping, in Peercoin or tokens is easily done. As you know who has published the post or a comment.