Numbers Numbers Numbers Ypool Vs Beeeeer

So i decided to switch to Ypool because i was able to check on my miners using the web interface to cut down on administration as i currently have 38 miners.

Here are the stats from the past weeks and why i switched back to Beeeer

I first Started mining on Beeeer

Here’s the Week before i switched to Ypool, this was also before i had the number of miners i have now, Around 28/30 and the difficulty was a little easier. As you can see i was luckier some days than others.

03.12.2013 11.1972 0.4665 XPM/h
02.12.2013 7.654 0.3189 XPM/h
01.12.2013 9.4534 0.3939 XPM/h
30.11.2013 10.6022 0.4418 XPM/h
29.11.2013 9.6728 0.403 XPM/h
28.11.2013 8.2641 0.3443 XPM/h
27.11.2013 7.9232 0.3301 XPM/h

Total Take = 64.7669 XPM /Week

So i switched to Ypool and added additional machines while on this pool i upped the number of machines i have to my current Max of 38.
Over the week at Ypool my best day was 0.334545401 XPM/h

While not far off from beeeer it was a def downgrade. My average over the week was 0.20479583 XPM/h but this included pool down time and miner crash’s that were far more numerous than at Beeeeer.

Total Take on Ypool = 34.40570019 /week

So as you can see Beeeer > Ypool in terms of pay out. While this is not exact because of luck and Ypools outage. Here is the breakdown.

Beeeer with less miners but less difficulty.

Ypool, more miners 8-10 more, higher difficulty by 1 week constant disconnect of miners and maintenance of the site.

Also app on writing this i checked my beeeer stats.

I moved my miners last night 1/2 server time. So i currently have about 19 hours of mining for today. Not a full day. I also lost a server today due to some updates and it was not mining for 5 hours. (30 cores) 11,000 PPS 5/6 Chains /day

My current stats are 11.12.2013 10.3202 0.5055 XPM/h

I shall try some Beeeeer then. I’ve just began mining XPM this week with ypool. The numbers seem right. Thanks.