Now would be the time for peercoin to rise and rise

Then it could take over!

Indeed, now is the time for action!

POW is in a flurry about “muh mining” as minners are forced to continually dump…howevery they only dump what they produce which is a fraction of existing supply, so the trade of for security…ok, stills it a continual non neg headwind because the market is thin. So non negligible on balance

I’m taking action in that PPC will be the primary coin that I will accept in my business transactions, through minting, by exchanging other coins for PPC, and in my discussions about crypto with others.

Hi tbdunamis, sounds like a great initiative! :slight_smile: Could you tell us more about your business?

A friend of mine purchased an old gas station that he is presently turning into an antique store. In November, it came upon me to want to sell food from this same building, but didn’t want my friend to think I had an agenda for his building. So I didn’t say anything until he told me that he wanted to make food available, but didn’t want to handle the responsibility of it. My objective is to purchase ingredients with digital currency, and sell the finished products for a variety of digital currencies (PPC being the preference). Not only that, but I also would like to see the store serve as a means of sharing the beauty of decentralization with everyone that is open to discuss the subject.

Thank you for sharing.

Good luck on your venture!

I hope the 0.5 release doesn’t delay too much. It will be a good opportunity to gain new users, and its changes are very important, above all the cold-locked minting, the duplicate stake prevention and the voluntary checkpoints.

But if PPC development continues so slowly, I expect a further price decline or at least a sideways market in relation to BTC.