Hey Peercoin/Primecoin and Nubits folks!

We are adding new coins soon to our project the coming days and would like the Peercoin/Primecoin and Nubits community on board with us.

We will be implementing a cool and unique feature for you guys to be able to get your coin accepted.

We are not backed by big money but aim to be strictly a community project for the virtual coins community and that`s exactly how we wish to stay. has opened its doors!

What is

Pretty straight forward.

We are a web-portal for vendors, accepting virtual currency, to sell their products and buyers looking to buy products with their coins.
We not only target bigger sellers, with web-shops, but the individual wanting to sell the occasional items is welcome with us as well.

At this moment, after a 5 months period of hard, fulfilling work, we have opened the doors to the public on the 9th of February.

Our Mission?

We are in this with a mission to spread virtual currency in e-commerce and to become one big portal where all shops accepting virtual currency can gather to create one big combined force.
Not scattered all over and hard to find but combined and easy to find for customers looking to spent their coins.

Why go for

We pride ourselves on a few key features:

• Instant, direct and real 24/7 support via IRC by the creators and owners. Not by some uninterested customer service far away.

• Knowledgeable and skilled in both the shop itself and well versed in the workings of the virtual currency world.

• Always on IRC for "just "a nice unrelated chat , even if you decide to not join our movement you are more as welcome to join our IRC. Every constructive input is welcome.

• A highly motivated, committed, open, honest, accessible and transparent team.

• Years experience in programming, developing, virtual currency and international business.

• Our devs hands are itching to build in new, unique and cool features to make the experience as smooth as possible and make life easier for our customers.

Why Bitcoin and Digitalcoin?

Digitalcoin is one of the oldest, most consistent altcoins in the market with a well established, trusted and innovative Foundation in which both owners have a seat.

Now lets talk business!

We can bring a big market to our vendors shops in the form of a community and an eager to buy network.

We offer a fair and individualized commission system. The commission will be mainly used to keep things up and running and to spread the word on benefiting all the sellers on there as well.

So, spread the word, like or follow us and help us making this a huge success!

Twitter: [member=32422]Noobie[/member]_io
Mail us at : support[member=32422]Noobie[/member].io

Hey Peercoin, Primecoin and Nubits communities.

Our new coin-voting system for Peercoin and Primecoin is up. Get both accepted on

Check out the rules or get your tokens at our Noobie Token Vendor

We have removed the voting system and have added Peercoin today to