Node sync stuck and no connections

Hi everyone
I’m very new to peercoin and I’m having issues with syncing my wallet with the node. It’s stuck at about 4.5 years out of date. I have checked the incoming connections and when I first open the wallet I may get up to 3 connections that last for about 1 second or less then it just shows 0. I have tried searching on here and have tried the addnode suggestions and it not helping. What am I missing here?

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which version are you running?
can you try adding to peercoin.conf in the datadir?
have you tried syncing from 0, by deleting the blockchain, except wallet.dat?

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I’m using the latest scarab release.
I have tried the
I haven’t tried deleting the blockchain. I’ll try that tonight.

Is there anywhere that I can download the blockchain and only need to sync the most recent months?

Peercoin syncs really fast so there is no need for booststraps.

Cheers for the tip on deleting the chain. It worked!