New user questions

New Forum users are presented with questions (to stop robots, I presume) such as, “What is the three-digit code for Primecoin”

I came here to find about about Peercoin, and had never heard of Primecoin, so had to open another internet window to google Primecoin, etc. My computer is very slow, and it was frustrating. The purpose of the questions is to authenticate genuine users - not present a general knowledge quiz!

Suggestion: rephrase questions, thus: “What is the three-digit code for Primecoin - hint: answer at the top of the screen”

Thus, the new user still has to answer the answer, but in such a way that the answer is easily available

Thank you for the feedback and I have updated the questions :slight_smile:


testing post for Sentinelrv

How are you supposed to offer a [MF] proposal if you can’t start a new thread?

How to start a new thread, is not exactly an intuitive process.

I’m not sure if this is still one of the questions, but if it is, it will need to be updated after the theme change because Primecoin’s 3 digit code will no longer be featured in the image banner at the top of the forum.