New to Peercoin

Hi All - I am new to Peercoin and cryptocurrency in general (apologies if this is in the wrong section). I was interested in Peercoin because of the innovation and being one of the first coins to employ P-o-S over P-o-W.

I have now got to the point where I’m ready to buy some PPC and get started with Minting. I originally planned to setup a Raspberry Pi running Linux as a node, which could run 24/7. Unfortunately this turned into a bit of a nightmare which I couldn’t get working. All the instructions on the website seem to be outdated and the repo directories are no longer the valid. I also found that any other tutorials elsewhere were also very outdated. This got me thinking… are people still using Peerunion? Is it still a thing to Mint PPC?

I’m interested to find out from others.

Thank all.

Have you tried Peerbox?

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Thank for the reply willy. Yea I did come across this, but seems to only work with “Jessie” and not the current version of Debian.

I really what to get the Pi up and running. Seems like the best low energy way of have a full node running.

You could still compile ppcoind from source.

I thought of providing an unofficial compiled version myself, for those who are not familiar with the compiling process.

I did find this:

Seemed to crash the Pi though.

You could try this and use the peercoin.git instead of the nubits git. Nubits is a peercoin fork.

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Thanks again willy, I’ll have a look.

So is this the only option (other than peerbox on Jessie) at present for the Pi. Just seems a shame to have a device that seems perfect as a full node as it uses so little power that could sit there 24/7 amd not have a straight forward setup.

Maybe I’m looking at it in a simplistic way and there’s a good reason why…

Well, peerbox is working perfectly on Jessie.

@peerchemist hasn’t been able to push a version for raspbian stretch (yet?) since it’s release around two weeks ago.

I dont doubt it, but couldn’t seem to easily get hold of a copy of Jessie.

I did however see @peerchemist say this on another thread. I can imagine ots a fully time just to keep up with new releases.

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Thanks irritant! I’ll give this a try and see if I can get it up and running.

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Also thank you both for your quick responses.

use the nubit pi page as a guide and compile peercoin daemon. Should get running in an hour. i have done it many times since the SD card keeps getting trashed every several months, which I eventually might have solved by running the pi on a USB stick plugged into the pi.

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Thanks mhps.