New Peercoin exchange for Eurozone

Just noticed that an exchange I previously dealt with for buying Litecoins and Bitcoins now have added Peercoins (and Novacoins and Namecoins).

You can find them here: (you can select either English/Dutch/French/Italian/German)

They run out of coins often, so it is a bit of a hit a miss, as they buy them on a daily base and the numbers all small, but they are getting better on meeting the market.
The key advantage is that they work with iDeal (for the Dutch) and Sofort (for Germans) and a few other I don’t know much about.

Using iDeal (Dutch banks only) I had my coins within minutes in my wallet. Don’t know about Sofort but looks similar to iDeal. Maybe a German can comment on that and post in German forum.

Any chance this new Peercoin exchange can be added to the list of exchanges on please?
To me and other European bank account holders using euros I’m sure this is a huge advantage over international transfers (costs) and it is almost instant.

Haven’t tested the other way around (selling coins for Euros) but is also available.

For buying Peercoins:

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with this exchange, just a customer